Monday, February 28, 2011

Clever Tricks: Repurposing to {Organize}

I love to repurpose.  If I think it could store something, decorate something, or double as something, there's no way it's going in the trash.  It may take me awhile to get around to actually using it again, but I eventually get there.  Here are a few of my favorite repurposed items that have made organizing around the house so much simpler.  

Coat Rack as Jewelry Holder
Even a jewelry box won't keep your necklaces as untangled as this will.  Only costume jewelry here, though.  No pearls or diamonds please!!

Tissue Box as Bag Holder
Decorate your box and you'll be proud to have this helpful item sit just about anywhere in your home. 

Binder Clips as Linen Organizer
Make sure your clips don't clamp down to tightly or they will leave creases.  Believe me!

Dryer Sheet as Drawer Sachet
One of my ultimate favorites!!  Dryer sheets help keep my clothes smelling fresh even after my clothes have been sitting in my drawers for an entire season.  Also, try placing them in shoes or between folded sweaters inside the closet.  Fresh, fresh, fresh!

Eyeglasses Case as Manicure Kit
Great for someone like me who does not where glasses but loves those cute cases.

Jewelry Boxes as Drawer Organizer
I NEVER throw away jewelry boxes.  Ever, Ever! My bathroom drawers are full of these boxes.

Zipper Bed-linen Bag as Art Supply Carrier
Don't stop at art supplies.  Be creative and use these for just about anything.

Photo Album as Business Card File
I haven't tried this method yet but what I love about this idea is that you have all of the adorable photo albums in the world to choose from : )

Plastic Bags as Wet Umbrella Holders
 Okay, all of my rained-on Washington friends, this one's for you.  What a fabulous idea!

Shoe Box as Ribbon Organizer
Poke holes through the front of the box and use the extra space for supplies.

Business Card Holder as Gift Card Organizer
Love this idea but don't have enough gift cards on a regular basis to use it.  Hope it can help someone out there.  

Shoe Box as File Storage
Since my shoe boxes don't come in these wonderfully brilliant and solid colors, I cover mine with wrapping paper.  I use the thick cardboard wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree. These boxes are incredibly useful.

Suitcase as Linen Storage
If using old suitcases like these (which I loooove), make sure they are clean and free from odor.  Otherwise, your linen will also smell. 

Hanger as Ribbon Organizer
After applying a little elbow grease to untwist the hanger, slide on the ribbon and twist the hanger back, you will enjoy an inexpensive and very efficient way to organize your ribbon.  

Zippered Plastic Bags as Soup Saver
My sister-in-law uses these whenever she freezes soup.

Zippered bags as Packing Material
No more paying for expensive bubbler wrap.

I get most of my repurposing ideas from REAL SIMPLE.  I love their magazines because of their practicality and variety.  If you've never read an issue, you should. Anyone out there have any other great ideas for repurposing to organize?


  1. Jane these are some GREAT ideas!!! I really love the eyeglass case for manicure sets. My husband and I both wear glasses (I only at nights) so we have quite a few of these hanging around, gives me some good ideas for storage on them. I really like the tissue box one, as well as the jewelry boxes to further organize drawers (I've always used small tupperwares for this, but your way is wonderful!). I love them all! Another idea I'll add is using tp empty rolls as a way to store your loose cords so they don't just lay exposed (this drives me nuts!). Roll them up and stick them inside the tube of the empty tp roll. You can decorate the roll however you like. I learned this one from Parent's magazine, having kids decorate the rolls.

  2. Love these ideas... Now I just need the time to do them! :)


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