Saturday, October 22, 2011

Home-made Swiffer cloths

Almost our entire downstairs is hardwood floors and boy, oh, boy are they hard to keep clean.  I invested in a Swiffer Mop when we first moved into our house and bought a large box of dry and wet cloths.  I went through them so quickly and just couldn't bring myself to buy more.  Too expensive.  I did some research and found some amazing ways to make YOUR OWN Swiffer cloths.  So after hiding away in a closet for a few months, my Swiffer is finally cleaning again.

1. Microfiber cloths: I placed this as number one because it is what I have found to be the most long lasting and cost effective.  You can usually find them at the Dollar Tree. Cut them down to fit the Swiffer and toss them in the wash after use. Reuse over and over.

2. Old Socks: All of those poor little socks whose pairs have been eaten by the dryer monster can be pulled out and put to work. Just slip them over the Swiffer and wash after use.

3. Rinse and reuse Swiffer clothes: They can only be washed and reused so many times, but it will make whatever stock of cloths you already have last longer.

4. Old washcloths: Just discard when they get  unbearably gross.

5. Old clothing: Several of my husbands old t-shirts have been cut up and used for cleaning.  You can cut them to the perfect size and use again and again.

There were a few more ideas that I came across but were not really worth mentioning if you are looking for a cost-effective solution.   If you love the concept of the Swiffer but hate the COST, here is the answer to your problem!!

Okay, I'm back!

Not going to say I have my life and schedule in total order, but I will say that things are finally beginning to feel like I've stepped off the carousel.  I'm falling back into the rhythm of the teaching year and finding that I have some extra time on my hands again.  You know what that means! Blog, I'm back!!

I'm going to start back slowly with just one post a week.  Trying to keep things in perspective is not one of my strong points. I always seem to bite off more than I can chew, so I'm proud of myself for committing to just one post a week.

I hope everyone is enjoying their chilly weather, fuzzy sweaters, and cozy evenings as much as I am.  Happy Fall!!

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