Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stenciled Wall

I've been a commitment phob when it comes to making a decision about my master bedroom. Blaming it on the inability to find "just the right thing," I've hummed and hawed over style, colors, and just about everything. Finally...finally I settled on stenciling.  I know, nothing new to the decorating world, but it was a breakthrough for me. When I began to search online and found that the stencils I loved came with the modest price tag of $40.00-$60.00, I quickly rethought my POA (plan of action...military life has rubbed off on me...acronyms....sheesh!).

Sooooo, Pinterest came to the rescue. This Blogger gives an amazing tutorial on how to make your own stencil CHEAP! All you need is paper, cardboard, a level, brushes, and paint...and a blank wall.

At first, I chose my own shape and downloaded it but found it was not quite the right look I wanted.  So I used the one she suggested. Here it is:

I didn't follow her instructions to the letter, but pretty close.  I taped a piece of paper onto my computer screen and traced this shape.  Make sure you don't make the shape to small or you will be spending a lifetime on this project.  I had to use two 8 1/2x11 sheets of paper.

After cutting out the shape, I folded the shape in half just to make sure it was symmetrical, trimming off anything that wasn't even. Next, I traced the shape onto a piece of cardboard.  Cardboard is wonderful because it is pliable.  Great for bending and shaping around my windows. Again, I folded my shape in half to check that it was even on both sides.

This is where the "fun" part begins.  Patience, dear friend, patience.  I didn't have a small enough level, so I downloaded a level app on my phone, and it worked wonderfully. I taped my level to my stencil, making sure it was VERY secure.  I guesstimated where I should begin by trying to make sure I would end with a full shape instead of just a sliver of the shape.  I was pretty close.  My windows made it halfway impossible.

After tracing, and tracing, and tracing, and tracing, I was ready to paint.  We already had high gloss white exterior/interior paint so whoopee! no trips to the hardware store.  Plus, no cost.  I grabbed some art painted brushes from my craft room and went to work.  I had to trace everything freehand, but it actually wasn't that difficult. Just time-consuming. Loooooove how it turned out!!  My Darling Husband loves it as well.  His words exactly: "It's beautiful, Babe!" Success : )

So I still have some work to do, but I think it's a wonderful start. 

I also got to finally hang the curtains I sort of sewed.  I loved the bluish/green color, but they weren't long enough. So I bought the cream colored ones and sewed them together.  Perfect length now.

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