Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Treats: Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

 I'm drawn toward snack that are easy to make, pretty, and delicious. This fits chocolate covered marshmallows to a T.  I made these for my English students and piano students this year.  

Simple. Popsicle sticks as handles. 

 Put the heat on the LOWEST setting. Very important.  The second picture is how your chocolate should look when it's melted.  If it begins to clump, you've burnt it.  Throw it away because you've passed the point of no return.                       

 I had the great idea of melting white chocolate in my mini crock pot.  Don't try this! It begins well but then gets too hot. Perhaps if I had watched it a little more carefully and used it when it was at just the right temperature it might have worked, but I didn't.  Oh well. 

 Final product.  Yumminess!! Put them in adorable little bags and you've got a wonderful Valentine treat.  In the past, I've used sprinkles but all I had this time were sugar sprinkles.  They just melted when I sprinkled them on the still hot chocolate (which you must do or else the sprinkles won't stick). So note to self, use the heavy duty sprinkles next time.  Besides, they are more colorful. 

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