Monday, March 15, 2010

Let The Sunshine In

My husband and I just moved into our new home a couple of weeks ago and everyday I find another reason why I absolutely LOVE living out here in what I like to call the "semi-country".   It's just far enough outside the city limits to feel like you should own a tractor or build a barn and raise farm animals.  I always enjoy a little "awww!" moment when I drive past the pasture about a minute from our house full of mommy sheep taking care of their little lambs. Rustic and cute!! 
With spring around the corner, I'm eagerly searching out every fresh bloom I can get my eyes on.  The Dogwoods are beginning to awaken and little buds everywhere are starting to blossom.  Imagine my surprise when one morning I walked outside our home and saw dozens of gorgeous yellow, WILD daffodils scattered all across the right side of our yard.  One of the few areas that wasn't excavated when they cleared the land to build our home, this part of the yard is covered in bushes, briars and trees, but those little bits of sunshine are so colorful and beautfiul they make me smile.  I've always dreamed of being able to cute fresh flowers from my yard and bring them inside.  Here are my first ever!....and I didn't even have to plant them.
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