Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Year's Most {Popular} Title: I'm Baaaack!

Well, without a really good excuse for having been off scene, I am finally in the blogger ball field again. Your priorities sure do change when you have all day on your hands again.  Loving my vacation!!

Things I've done since last I posted:

  • planted an herb garden
  • built a planter box w/ POWER tools!! (under hubby's supervision)
  • finished another teaching year
  • finished The Count of Monte Cristo (that is a long book)
  • sanded and stained a stool/side table
  • found curtains for my master bedroom
  • started taking sign language classes
  • started eating clean (totally new experience for me)
  • ordered my first clothing online...gasp. I was always freaked out that the clothes wouldn't fit
This list only includes the extremely earth-shattering events.  All else isn't even worth mentioning, if you can believe it.

Things I'd like to get done this summer:
  • finish my summer reading list 
  • finish my couch cover (don't laugh, all you doubters. you know who you are!)
  • try out some new recipes
  • visit my parents in WA
  • master Debussy's "Passepied"
  • sign up for flute lessons
  • make a trip to IKEA and buy something I actually need
  • swim
  • keep working in my ever-increasing garden
Again, I only included that ground-breaking news.

So what are your plans for the summer? : )

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