Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Heart You!

In the spirit of this Valentine's Day season, my husband and I pulled down our memories box the other day and began to reminisce about the years we've spent together.  We've saved just about every letter, trinket, and random item that would prompt a memory.  For instance, while we were dating, Matthew presented me with a "Very Fine" apple juice label  in a most ceremonious manner and told me that he had thought of me when he saw it.  Awwww!!! So sweet.  And of course, I had to keep that.  He picked me two little flowers while he was overseas once, pressed them and brought them home in his luggage.  !!! I love him!!  Still have those flowers.
Okay, so now you know the types of unconventional memorabilia contained in this box.  Now, the more traditional letters.  Love, love, love them.  Memories just come flooding back when I read through them.  We have written each other probably 100's of letters over the years and we've kept every one of them.  Needless to say, we didn't make it through the entire box.  I pulled out a few cards and gifts that I had made while in college.  Some of them I had actually forgotten about.  None of the ideas are original to me, but I thought I'd share them.  Here is one that I spent a LOOOOONG time on, but had so much fun putting together.   I'm posting this early in case you want to try it because it is a time consuming project.  But you'll be glad you did it. Remember, this has been in a box for seven years and has survived two moves so it's not in the same condition as it was when I first made it : )

I used an old stationary box and covered it inside and out with paper. Try to find something that has a lid that sits on the outside of the box instead of sliding INSIDE the box. 

Then I cut several pieces of paper into long strips, making their height a little shorter than the box. I then cut them crossways into shorter strips. Make them any color you want.  Cut out as many as you think would be enough for a heart in one color and the rest in the second color. 

On each strip, I wrote a note.  Some were as simple as "Love you forever!"  Some were longer. 

Okay, now this is what takes the most time and patience.  I rolled each paper up tightly and tide it with a matching color ribbon.  Yes, it takes a long time, but Matthew said one of his favorite parts was sliding off the string wondering what the next one would say.  He even slid each one back on after he read it!

Please let me know if you venture to try this.  I would love to see how you change things up.  Happy Valentine's planning!


  1. Do you have a Cricut?? I bet if you don't and got one, you'd never know how you lived without one:) I have the Cricut Expression. Just amazing!!

  2. I don't. I can't bring myself to buy one. I'm not really a serious scrap booker or card maker. I make cards in spurts. The one thing that I think I would us a Cricut for was to make wall transfers. I love them! But then again, I would probably have one in every room on every wall is I could. : ) I don't know...maybe someday.

    PS: I made almost this entire heart box at Americall!! Shhhhh...don't tell the supervisors


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