Monday, February 21, 2011

One Fish Two Fish: Little Shop of Beauty

I've already written all about out short weekend trip to Savannah, but what I didn't get to do is tell you about an amazing shop we visited in the Design District.  Name: One Fish Two Fish.  Already love it?  I did too, even before I walked in! Location ~ 0401 Whitaker Street (Whitaker Street between Charlton lane and Gaston). You'll walk into this little shop of beauty and fall in love with the some-new and some-antique treasures collected by owner, Jennifer Beaufait Grayson.

I wanted EVERYTHING in this store.  Luckily (or perhaps unluckily) my husband was with me, and he's always my sane side while shopping. I did happen to snatch up the name of the wall color in the rear room ~ "Sterling" by Benjamin Moore.  I've been looking for the perfect shade of gray for my craft room and perhaps I've found it : ) 
I couldn't step out of that store without scoring at least ONE treasure.  My excuse for the purchase: It's for my husband's birthday.  Really!! I'm serious!!  Well, let me show you what I bought and then I'll explain.

I loved it! We actually both picked it up and thumbed through it, thinking it was a novel concept.  It has no years printed inside, so you can choose to begin or end anywhere you want and in any year you want.  Each entry space has just enough room for a one-liner.  Just a thought or a comment.  Not as much commitment as a journal.  Anyway, he loved it....I loved it....SOLD! And now I have this adorable bag as a souvenir. 

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