Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let Me Introduce You: {Debussy}

As a musician, it has always been difficult for me to pin point a particular artist or composer whom I would consider to be my favorite.  So many have made great impressions on my life that I halfway think it would be impossible to choose any one above all others. Allow me to introduce to you one of those great men: Claude Debussy.
Many people don't realize that modern-day music has attained many of its inspirations from the classics. Claude Debussy was one of the greatest influential composers of the 20th century. His thought to be radical harmonies have influenced almost every major composer of his time, particularly the music of men such as Maurice Ravel, Igor Stravinsky, Bela Bartok, Steve Reich and Philip Glass. His influences continued to spill over into the Jazz genre. The famous works of George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Jimmy Giuffre are in many ways characterized by his style.  In a way that touches us today, contemporary soundtrack composers such as John Williams have emulated Debussy's ability to translate his colorful style into an emotional language.  Debussy's music will cause you to close your eyes and BE in the music.  It speaks to you in such a clear and beautiful tone. 


  1. I really love that first one. I only listened to the first 2. I want to thank you again for your last post. I did some of the ideas on there--the wrapping paper of shoeboxes, the hanger idea (except I used it also as a key hanger with some little clips I put onto it), and the linen plastic bags. I am such an organized person and this helped me so much. I also really appreciate artistic touches although I really suck at them. I'm a black and white type of person by nature and my daughter is so colorful, she has helped me open my eyes to color. My house is the most colorful it has ever been, so anti-me and I LOVE IT!!! But it has taken me yrs of building things on my own, painting my own stuff, repurposing, get it to be this way. I really like your 'expert' outlooks on posts, they really help people like me :)

  2. Glad they've helped! No ideas are original to myself, so I can't take credit. I'm usually a neutral-color gal, too. Over the years I've been married, I've stepped outside my earth tone tendencies and tried to add color where I can.

  3. Figured I'd share another repurposing thing I've done since Germany. Germans use mainly glass bottles instead of plastic with their mineral waters, juices, etc...they recycle big time so this isn't a problem for them. I use my bottles as vases. I have not bought one since I've been here. They give a beautiful vintage look, especially keeping the labels on them. Also, you know those containers that have the Extra gum in them? Not the packs, the but the containers that hold like 100 pieces...Amira uses them as pen, pencil, marker holders. Of course perform some craft to cover the label, but another wonderful idea!


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