Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Life Is Just Getting TOO Busy!

This is the post I've been dreading to write, but I somehow have known it's been coming for a couple of weeks now.  My school year starts at the end of this week, and with two new classes on my schedule, I'm finding my lovely and relaxing blogging time has been put on the back burner.  I hate quitting  my blog all together, so I'm going on a "break."  No, not like a dating break.  A little less serious.  I just need a few months to get my mind wrapped around these classes and get my music lesson semester started.  Hopefully by then I will have gotten ahead on some of my posting.
I feel like I'm giving up on something that I absolutely love doing.  But it is a luxury.  I have to remind myself that the Lord, my family, home, church, and jobs come first.  Thank you all for how supportive you've been over these last few months.  I've had a great time meeting new friends and discovering how much creativity is out there.  I'll see you in a few months!!

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