Monday, June 6, 2011

Knocking Out My {To-Do} List

It's summer time and with that kind of freedom comes my never ending battle with laziness.  Really, all I want to do sit on my back porch with the over-head fan on, hold my dog, sip some sweet tea, and read a book.  That's ALL I want to do.

But, alas, my neglected house, piling projects, endless errands are calling my name and they will not be ignored.  If you've ready my post The Power of a Post-It, you know how serious of a list person I am.  Well, my list is quite long, but I'm proud to announce that it is getting shorter.

Things of which I am very proud that I've accomplished over the past few weeks while fighting my urge to veg:

  • filed my state taxes
  • jump started my car (first time by myself - thank you, YouTube), and took it to the auto store to get a new battery
  • push mowed my lawn AGAIN (our riding mower is on the fritz)
  • removed my riding lawn mower batter (first time by myself - found out I didn't have to but still proud of myself)
  • loose-leash trained my dog (well, he's almost there)
  • baked 50 cookies for our church camp (and I am NOT a baker)
  • finally got an estimate done on our banged up car
  • finished a decorating project that is long overdue (surprise - I'll post about it soon - that's still on my list)
  • started P90X (fourth time through - excited to be doing it again)
  • organized my sheet music (it was such a mess - I'll post about my new music shelf soon)
  • learned two new piano pieces for church (I'm ahead of the game!)
  • organized our office and all the millions of papers, manuals, pictures, and other misc items that are held within
  • Took my dog to the vet (first time - I was nervous)
  • Got my NC drivers license
Those are the major things.  This post was all about boring you with details.  Hope you enjoyed! Well, I hope you were at least inspired to make a list of your own and start checking them off.

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  1. nah...i like sipping tea in my chair!! hahahaha! jk...thats awesome that you set goals and accomplished them! It feels so good to cross of that last major "to-do" on your list. You go girl! :) PS. when its hot like 103 and your mower is still not working...holla...the boys will be right over!!
    love ya


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