Monday, January 31, 2011

Wardrobe Wanderings: Banana Style

My wardrobe wanderings led me to Banana Republic.  Of course, I love just about everything in this store, but right now they have a lot of nautical inspired garments.  I have to refrain myself from filling my closet with horizontal stripes.  I counted awhile back and found I have 8 blue (various shades) and white horizontal striped pieces of clothing! When we were in Savannah this last weekend, we stopped off at Banana.  My husband isn't a fan of too many brands, but he'll buy just about anything in this store....because he likes the clothes.  So these were a few of the items I considered buying. this shirt : ) and also love the belt.
There were dozens of sweaters to choose from. I bought a version of this sweater in the color of this dress. This purple reminds me of raspberry sherbet. 
I tried on this dress but didn't buy it.  Grrr.... Kinda wish I had, but maybe I'll get it when it goes on sale.  I hate paying full price. I love the waist this silhouette gives me. 

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  1. I LOVED Banana Republic back in the day. it was more preppy then. Which is kind of funny cause I never considered myself preppy. But some clothes pieced together pulled my style off! I do love the last dress! :)


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