Friday, January 28, 2011

If I Could Live in Patagonia...

I would always be comfy, cozy, and chic. My husband got me hooked on this outdoor clothing brand when he bought me my first Patagonia dress.  LOVE!!  BTW, he picked it out himself and had it shipped to me when he was out of town. I married Prince Charming! Here's a picture of the dress:

It can be dressed up or dressed down (heels or flats) and can be worn on it's own or paired with a sweater.  It's nylon/spandex material is sleek and draping (can you say "slimming"!) and is also moisture-wicking. Living in NC where the humidity is crazy, I've come to appreciate those qualities in a garment.  I have another dress and two skirts made from the same material.  I'm a huuuuge fan! and could be happy with my closet full of these clothes.  They're not just limited to Patagonia, though.  Columbia, North Face, and various other companies sell them also.  I just like Patagonia's designs the best.  So with the warmer weather just around the corner, I'm going to be looking for deals.  A word of advice. Check out local stores for better prices.  

On the opposite end of the seasonal spectrum, this coat was a Christmas present from my husband:

 One word...warm! Love, love, love it!! It's the first coat I pull from the closet everyday.  Now, sometimes I have to put it back because it's just too warm out, but I always try.  It's also my first red coat which should always make a girl's favorite list. 

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