Monday, January 17, 2011

Eye Candy

Stumbled upon this photographer, Liz Wolfe.  Instantly loved her work.  If you look closely, you'll notice there are things that are just a little "wrong" with her pictures.  These may be the things that messed-up dreams are made of : )

"Hand Punctured with Candy Stick"

"Sugar Hills"

"Chicken Feet with Lilies"

"Green Birds and Faux Blossoms"

"Butterflies on Branch / Meat Tree"

Candy Monument

"Flowers in Sugar"

"Tentacles with Synthetic Flowers"

"Popsicle / Cupcakes"

"Rainbows and Noses"

"Diseased Deer"

"Gumballs and Flowers"

"Cacti / Butterflies with Faux Flowers"


"Baby Octopi and Green Flowers"


"Gumdrop Tree"

"Sugar Hills with Flowers"

"Seahorses and Hyacinths"

"Shoes on Ham Tiles"

"Pink Sugar Hills"

"Meat Tea"

"Black Bunny in Candy Landscape"

"Cactus with Blue Beads, 2004"

"Tree in Sugar Desert / Green Sugarscape"

"Lollipop Garden"

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