Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Working on a {Happy} Year!

Things that make me happy:

when things go my way all the time
when I always say the right thing
when my husband reads my mind
when my day goes completely according to plan and I follow my schedule to a "t"
when I work out and it doesn't hurt
when food shows up in my fridge and I didn't have to go grocery shopping
when my dog takes himself out for a potty break when it's raining
when it takes twice as long for the clock to reach 6:00 AM

...getting more and more unrealistic: just what happens when I expect everything in my life to always make me happy.  Sure, sometimes things just "go smoothly," but other times I have to fill the pot holes with a little joy created by choices.

Things that I really need to make me happy:

early out of bed
quite time with the Lord every day
healthy food choices
choosing a smile over a scowl
patient words for my husband
counting my blessings
lending a helping hand
saying a kind word
filling my mind with positive not negative
NOT sitting on the couch and watching TV all evening when my husband is gone (such a waste of time!)
keeping a tidy house (not spotless, just not looking like a tornado crashed through)
early to bed

Belated New Years resolution: BE HAPPY!!

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