Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Snack of the Month: Trader Joe's Contemplate Inner {Peas}

Any HEALTHY snack that tricks my tastebuds into thinking they are one of my favorite UNHEALTHY snacks instantly goes on my best friends list.  Trader Joe's, being the awesome brand that they are, really outdid themselves in my book with their Contemplates Inner Peas.  Made from whole green peas, this snack tastes very much like a certain other crunchy, cheesy snack.  You guessed it - Cheetos! Seriously!! With just a hint of salt, Inner Peas are the perfect "healthier choice," although their yummy goodness makes it pretty much impossible to not gobble up the whole bag.  (I think my husband is still bitter about coming home and finding ours "all et up.") So wanna know what's inside?

Ingredients: whole green peas, canola oil, rice, salt, calcium carbonate, ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C)

Serving Size: 1 oz 
Per serving: calories 130 ~ total fat 4.5g ~ sat fat 0.5g ~ trans fat 0g ~ sodium 50mg ~ carbs 17g ~ fiber 4g ~ sugars less than 1g ~ protein 5g

And with the price tag of only $1.49 for a 3.3oz bag, I'm not sure how the deal could get any sweeter. 

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