Monday, March 31, 2014

Wives and Lovers: A Little Bit of {Wisdom}

I don't usually make it a practice to get marriage advice from pop music but there is no denying that this incredible standard "Wives and Lovers" (written in 1963) contains some pretty wise counsel to every wife who cares about her marriage.  The first time I ever heard this song it almost blew my mind! I couldn't believe how much music had changed over the years.  If someone tried to publish and record this song today, they would probably be labeled as a antifeminist bigot and banned from the radio. Seriously!!  But in reality, this song shows how important a wife's role is in keeping romance alive in a marriage.  It portrays wives as being valued, loved, and desired.  It challenges a wife very straightforwardly to care about her appearance and put effort into being attractive for her husband. What woman wouldn't want to be all this and more for her hunk of a man?!

Below is my favorite version of this song being sung by Frank Sinatra.  You really can't argue with these lyrics, ladies!

"Wives And Lovers"
(originally by Jack Jones)

Hey, little girl
Comb your hair, fix your make-up
Soon he will open the door
Don't think because
There's a ring on your finger
You needn't try any more

For wives should always be lovers, too
Run to his arms the moment he comes home to you
I'm warning you

Day after day
There are girls at the office
And men will always be men
Don't send him off
With your hair still in curlers
You may not see him again

For wives should always be lovers, too
Run to his arms the moment he comes home to you
He's almost here

Hey, little girl
Better wear something pretty
Something you'd wear to go to the city
And dim all the lights
Pour the wine, start the music
Time to get ready for love

Oh, time to get ready,
Time to get ready
Time to get ready
For love.

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