Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Vacation of {Happy Memories}

Matthew and I just spent a week in what is probably my favorite place in the whole world...Washington State.  My favorite not just because of its gorgeousness and the many memories attached to it but because the two most awesome parents of all time live there.  I LOVE going home!  I can't help feeling like a little girl again when I wake up in the morning and the smell of breakfast comes weaseling its way up the stairwell.  Pure childishness creeps up within me, and I feel like I could probably get away with spilling my milk at the dinner table.  A week is too short a time to cram in everything that I always want to do when I go home, so I had to settle with a visit to Mt. Rainier, Pike Place Seattle, Ruston Way Tacoma, a few of our favorite restaurants, and antique and thrift store shopping with Mom. Okay, so maybe we did do quite a lot, but it never seems like we have enough time there. I always find myself wishing that we had booked a return flight just one day later!

I really can't complain.  We had a blast, and I have only happy, happy memories to tide me over until my next visit.  Love you, Mom and Dad! Thanks for allowing us to stretch your hosting muscles yet again.
And thank you, my Darling Love, for letting me visit home.  You're the best!

Mt. Rainier: No, it's not a backdrop : )

Our first official date was at this Coldstone.

Original Starbucks

Lovely Seattle


  1. Hello dear,
    maybe you would like to follow each other's blogs with GFC or via bloglovin? or even both?

    have a nice day!

    1. Thanks for visiting and following! I love your blog. I'm a follower : )

  2. Lovely pictures darling:X nice blog!
    i follow u
    what do you say about to follow each other blog?

    1. Love to! I don't understand on word of your blog : ) but I LOOOVE your pictures. Great style! I'm a follower and thanks for following me.

  3. I love having you and Matthew visit! I always am sad when you leave, but this time I shed a few tears for the loss that I felt. Maybe it was the projects that we did together - but I think it had to do with the joy I feel when you are around. You are wonderful people! I'm blessed that you are mine.

    1. Mom, thank you for all of the sweet memories! I just can't wait for Christmas : ) I love you!!


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