Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love {Recycled} Glass

It's my new things.  I have to restrain myself from putting it everywhere in my house! Recycled glass.  I love the green tint and the vintage/modern combination it creates. I snagged a couple of pieces yesterday while out shopping.

This is similar to the vase I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I couldn't find a picture online of the one I have.  I guess I could post one that I took myself...too lazy!

These aren't recycled glass, but I bought the green sphere for my front room.
I didn't buy these yesterday, but they are on my shopping list for the future.

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  1. I think I commented something about recycled glass on one of your repurpose posts. Germany glasses just about all beverages. Luckily, I haven't had to buy a vase since we've moved here! In fact, I've had to let go of so many bottles :( It's hard to let them go when they are so scarce in America (for beverages). I have kept the labels on some, gives them that vintage look ;) they are all tinted with that green tinge. I have some that are bluish too...Purty :)


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