Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In the World of: The King and I

Brilliant colors, unforgettable characters, enchanting music, and incredible costumes - all a part of what makes The King and I one of my favorite films. When I watch this movie, I'm enamored by the absolutely gorgeous fabrics, architecture, and decor involved.  Design from the west and from the orient mix to make a beautiful backdrop for this story of how a man and a woman's lives change when two worlds collide.

The King and I in the 21st century

Fabulous dresses by Tibi

1. Gilded Emerald Dress by ModCloth 2. Necklace by ModCloth 3. Bangle  4. Earrings by Eziba 5.Garden Stool 6. Cranes 7. Bon Zai Tree 8. Strappy Sandals

    Lace Wrap

Lace Parasole

And this post just wouldn't be complete without a few clips from the film:

This tugs at my teacher heart


  1. I do like the clothes you posted, but I gotta say....I LOVE the movie King and I!! :D

  2. Love it! doing an outfit post inspired by it soon <3



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