Thursday, February 11, 2010

SO many books, SO little time.....or just SO unorganized.

While searching through Barnes and Noble's gift/stationary/journal/etc,etc section for a 2010 Gallery Leather Desk Planner (which they DO NOT carry in February!!), I stumbled accross an interesting journal amid the innumerable, ridiculously stocked journal shelves. My mind goes bonkers when I have to choose ONE journal that I "?like?" when I'm looking at 200 different designs at once.  Okay, rabbit trail.  This journal, whose cover title has slipped my mind, was designed for you to be able to record all of the books that you want to read.  What a great idea!   I didn't buy the $10.75ish journal but it did start me thinking about a way to get organized with my reading .  How many times have I said to myself, "Someday, I've got to read that book!"
There aren't enough hours in the day to read everything on my wishlist, and my husband certainly wouldn't appreciate me spending all of my free time trying to knock out one book after another, but I could definitely use some organization.  I get sidetracked from books sometimes, jumping from one to another depending on what mood I'm in and as a result, books are forgotten until months...or years...later when I have a flashback and think, "Hey, didn't I start reading that one time? Did I finish it?"  Not good! 
Although it would be a bit more romantic, you don't need a fancy journal to catalog your readings.  Just a steno pad would do.  I would definitely like to start writing down books to read in the future.  Why haven't I thought of this before? 
I walked out of Barnes and Noble without a desk planner but certianly with a plan.

PS: As I was writing this, I became more and more curious about the actual title of this journal.  I found it on Amazon.  There are several other interesting looking journals that have the same concept.  I'm not huge into journals but this is just for making lists, right? Different.

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