Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Devos: {Biblical} Musings of an English Teacher

While bringing us a challenging message about Moses and his surrender to God's will, my pastor mentioned a verse in passing. "...I am that I am..." {Ex 3:14}  When Moses asked the Lord under whose authority he should tell the children of Israel he had come, God simply says to tell them I AM had sent him.

My English teacher brain began to dissect this verse, and I noticed something I hadn't before.  The section of the verse "that I am" is a noun clause. I is the subject, is is the linking verb linking the subject to the noun clause.  This noun clause is acting as the predicate nominative that has the job of renaming the subject.  So I am is being renamed by I am. How interesting.

This noun clause is the equivalent of the word God in the statement, "I am God" or the word Creator in "I am the Creator." The Lord makes a strikingly clear description of Himself when He says that HE IS!

"Who are You, Lord?"
"I am."
"What are You, Lord?"
"I am."

Wow! Only the Lord could come up with a description like that.  It's somewhat of a writer's dream to be able to characterize something so strongly in such a few number of words.

All that is holy, good, strong, righteous, just, kind, loving, and so much more, GOD IS!!

Hope this blesses your heart like it blessed mine.


  1. I love finding gems like this in Scripture! A more exciting way to look at English grammar! My class and I have had a few off-the-topic discussions when it comes to Scripture verses. Thanks for sharing, Jane! **I didn't know you taught English! Where are you teaching? Super excited for you! :)

  2. It's makes a great argument when kids ask why they have to learn to analyze sentences. : ) I teach at our church school. I love it!! It is such an amazing opportunity.


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