Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thrifted Treasures

At the very last minute today, I decided to go up to Dunn and hit some thrift stores that I had never been to before.  First stop, Beacon Thrift Store.  I was immedietely drawn to a large shelf full of sewing patterns.  One look and I spotted this:

an old vintage-style Simplicity skirt pattern. Circa 1960's?  Not sure of the pattern's date but I LOVE it!  I want to try!!  It reminded me of a Louis Vuitton line from Fashion Week that I just about went crazy over when I saw it in Elle magazine. 

I love the bowed shoes.  Classic vintage.  I wonder if I could pull this off?  I was afraid the pattern would be very worn and hard to read, but it's in great condition.  It almost looks like it hasn't been used.  For 25cents, I have a great inspiration and project on my hands.  Added it to my list of Pastime Projects.

My second find at Beacon thrift store was a beautiful coffee table.  It needs a little TLC but I'm so excited about it!  I'm picking it up tomorrow so I'll add pictures this weekend.  Another project!


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  2. I really love the dress on the top right and you could definitely pull it off! You always look beautiful and classy!

  3. Seems like we have some similar interests....check out my blog post from back in January...You'll love it:)


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