Monday, April 14, 2014

Organizing My {Spice} Cabinet or More Uses for Velcro

After about four years of rummaging through a cluttered, overly-crowded spice cabinet, I decided that enough was enough.  My spice cabinet is an awkward corner cabinet that limits arrangement options.  It's difficult to see what I have and almost impossible to find what I'm looking for. This problem has often resulted in my double purchasing a spice that I already own. Grrrrrr!!!! 

Here's my problem.

Here's my solution!! 

When you really begin to put some thought into it, uses for velcro are limitless! I looove this stuff.  So when I was hatching a plan for my new, ultra-organized spice cabinet, I turned to my good friend velcro.  My husband so graciously picked me up some of these square velcro pieces.  I only had to use them for the second row of spices on each shelf.  And here's the result:

 Deciding where to place my spices took considerable thought.  I ended up placing the spices I use most often on the bottom shelf; spice blends and lesser used spices on the middle shelf; and extracts (except for vanilla. that went on the bottom shelf), homemade spice blends, and doubled spices on the top shelf. Hopefully those double spices will stop showing up!  This project took me all of 20 minutes  to complete and collectively will save me probably hours of searching through jar after jar of spices to find what I need.

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